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Application Fields

An open solution for a large access of utilization however, 
the main attribute that we would like to highlight is to guarantee
data reachability contained in the digital model.
Architectural project visualization

Onsite via augmented reality.

Full immersion through the virtual reality headset with PC application connexion.

Control of BIM data

Overlay of  virtual model on reality

Access to the last model up to date

Remote synchronization on Cloud

BCF reports

Contextualization data

       Guide onsite intervention

       Masked elements display

       Fast informations access(data sheets, plans …)



FM, CAFM, CMMS, BAS, IoT connection

       Dynamic data integration on ecosystem

       Storage and analysis of all of the work parameters






As built BIM Exploitation

      Asset management data provide by the digital model

      Simplified return of data according to customer needs

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